A front-end web template

Base is a CSS/SASS/HTML5 based mobile first front end template which is impeccably neat and tidy and is an ideal starting point for a web project of any size.


Every web project has to start somewhere.

This web template is for developers who want a platform to start their web projects. Base offers the fundamental parts of a web project that a developer can then build upon.

Base is extremely lightweight and is ready to go straight out of the box. Download the files. Choose either CSS/SASS for your stylesheet language and then get coding. The files are impeccably neat and generously commented and they include markup and style examples.

Base uses a mobile first/progressive enhancement approach. It offers some basic features such as media queries, but it's also very modular so if you don't want something then take it out. Chances are you will use everything that's in there though.

Base includes some simple grunt tasks to get you started quickly with things like SASS, optimising images & compiling compressing JS.

Base is not an extensive template that offers tons of stuff that will never be used. Only an amateurish developer would use those. ;-)

  • Just the basics

    No bells and whistles. Just the foundations of a web project.

  • Download & go

    It's lightweight so hit that download button and you're ready to code.

  • Neat & tidy

    The files are impeccably neat and generously commented to help you understand what's going on.

  • Made with love

    You wouldn't believe the amount of hours that have gone into this template.

Who's behind this?

Base is proudly made by Webknit and is the result of many hours working on projects of all sizes. It is driven by a massive enthusiasm for all things web. You can follow us on Twitter if you want.

Base is constantly updated and modified to ensure it stays on top of the game. If you've any suggestions or ideas then don't hesitate to get in touch using the link below.